Scenic Biker Routes For Older Adults in New Zealand

Experience stunning coastline, vineyards and rural countryside on the Great Rides trail network – known as Nga Haerenga in Maori language – by bike. Perfect for all ages and abilities.

Experienced cyclists can explore The Old Ghost Road, following an ancient gold mining route across remote wilderness with spectacular mountain views. This multi-day ride features luxurious accommodations including huts, campsites and even helicopter food drops!

1. The Old Ghost Road

The Old Ghost Road, an 85 kilometre mountain biking and tramping trail located in New Zealand’s northwest corner, is designed for fit, experienced riders who possess advanced backcountry skills. This Nga Haerenga (New Zealand Cycle Trail) Great Ride will lead you on an extraordinary wilderness adventure across remote river valleys, tranquil lakes and majestic mountains.

This trail follows an old gold miners’ route across remote wilderness in the Buller District north of Lyell. It is an advanced, challenging ride lasting three to four days that traverses majestic native forests, open tussock tops and forgotten valleys while facing steep climbs and razorback ridgelines.

From Lyell Saddle Hut, the trail follows an inactive ridgetop towards Ghost Lake Hut – an elevated backcountry hut offering panoramic views when conditions permit. Cross Stern Creek and traverse several gorges before ascending up towards Ghost Lake basin’s namesake hut with incredible scenery including a dramatic drop to Stern Glacier below.

2. The Great Taste Trail

The Great Taste Trail, one of New Zealand’s Great Rides, offers an idyllic loop trail offering a delicious variety of culinary treats while cycling through Nelson’s food growing regions. Comprised of both grade 1 and 2 trails, this active adventure can be completed within three to five days – providing a week full of cycling adventure!

This trail features both old tram lines and specially-designed tracks with fun railway tunnels, making it an excellent option for older adults looking to experience this North Island forest adventure. Eight large suspension bridges offer incredible sweeping views of rolling hills abound with sheep and birds as well as fascinating historical markers.

The Great Taste Trail is an ideal choice for travelers hoping to explore New Zealand’s stunning inland and coastal landscape. Along its route are breathtaking scenery such as rivers and lakes, dense rainforest and wetlands as well as magnificent snow-capped peaks and the wild Tasman Sea coastline vistas. As they go, guests will encounter numerous vineyards, breweries, cafes and orchards where delicious cuisine awaits them along the journey.

3. Lake Taupo Cycle Trail

This intermediate all-weather trail loops around New Zealand’s largest lake. Along its western shores lies an extraordinary river canyon and waterfall, as well as unique rock gardens formed from one of history’s biggest volcanic eruptions. Furthermore, you’ll have breathtaking views across to Tongariro National Park’s snow-capped volcanoes from Tongariro.

It’s an ideal ride if you want an idyllic yet straightforward biker route, offering scenic vistas along a relatively easy trail. You can complete it in just a few hours as part of a day trip or spread it out over two or three days using shuttles and boat taxi services.

Ng Haerenga New Zealand Cycle Trails are maintained by Bike Taupo with both local support and National Cycleways funding, so please take the time to fill out this survey to help secure future funding support for this Great Ride. Bike Taupo’s i-Site in town also features detailed maps with trail information for easy navigation.

4. The Bay of Islands Cycle Trail

This 187km trail hugs the coast and meanders through riverside stopbanks, vineyards and rural farms, taking you along scenic vistas and historic sites such as Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Mangungu Mission at each turn of the trail. Major heritage galleries as well as Kawakawa Hundertwasser Memorial Park provide insight into New Zealand’s early settlement history; additionally huts, campsites and helicopter food drops provide support for cyclists of various styles of riding. This Great Ride can be completed self-support with accommodation tailored specifically for cycling styles: solo cycling enthusiasts or tandem riders!

New Zealand’s Great Rides provide stunning landscapes and historical insight. Each trail is suitable for all ages, offering stunning vistas to be experienced for an hour, day, or longer – whatever best fits into your schedule. Competitive cyclists may opt for bike races; families and casual riders alike may take to one of many coastal paths or country roads, or venture further afield with alpine ‘heli-biking’ experiences such as being transported up the mountain for thrilling descent. Or take on New Zealand’s world renowned Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail that traverses through South Island New Zealand!

5. The Clutha River Trail

The 73km Clutha River Trail winds along the powerful Clutha Mata-au River in Otago and boasts stunning Otago scenery. Combining gentle riverside pathways with an old railway line, this adventure travels from Teviot Valley’s summer and autumn fruit farms all the way through Miller’s Flat to Lawrence; an historic gold mining town.

Bike enthusiasts looking to explore Central Otago will love this trail, the newest of Otago’s trails. As one of its fastest growing trails, Lake Dunstan Trail provides lakeside jaunts as well as cross-country treks – making this ride truly diverse in Central Otago’s landscape! From vibrant blue waters of Lake Dunstan to Bannockburn vineyards and schist slopes this route shows all facets of Otago at once!

Experience our new cycling trip from Cromwell to Clyde on Lake Dunstan and Roxburgh Gorge Trails and witness first-hand why Otago cycle trails have grown increasingly popular over time. Year-round and with grades 1-2 suitable for most cyclists.