Guided Motorcycle Adventures For Older Bikers in New Zealand

Guided motorcycle tours are becoming increasingly popular for travellers who wish to see more of the world by bike. Not only can these adventures provide unique travel experiences, but they also allow participants to meet like-minded individuals while creating lasting memories.

Before selecting a guided motorcycle tour, it is essential that you consider what equipment will be necessary. Make sure you bring along a tyre repair kit, multi-tool and first aid kit if applicable.

1. You will have a guide

If you’re new to motorcycle riding, joining a guided tour can help you avoid mistakes that could cause an accident and meet like-minded individuals while having fun! Some tour guides are even certified professionals who know how to respond appropriately in difficult situations.

Tour companies that provide motorcycle rentals also often provide additional activities and sightseeing tours, including visits to Maori villages, geysers, and bungee jumping. Furthermore, accommodations may also be found in some of the most picturesque places around. Furthermore, flights or transfers may also be included for faster transportation.

New Zealand roads are an incredible motorcyclist’s playground, featuring tight twists, high mountains and spectacular scenery. There is little traffic and its landscape constantly shifts; providing riders with an opportunity to ride somewhere new every afternoon.

Are You Wanting to Explore New Zealand on a Guided Motorcycle Tour? Choose one that spans the South Island! This will include visits to Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook village with its glacial blue lakes; Lindis Pass with its breathtaking landscape and Burt Munro’s original motorcycle from “The World’s Fastest Indian.” Your tour ends in Invercargill where there is an opportunity to visit a nature reserve and observe rare bird species;

2. You can ride at your own pace

Your first guided motorcycle adventure may leave you worried that you won’t keep pace with other riders, but don’t fret: riding at your own pace should never be an issue. Most tours provide a sat nav or handlebar phone mount so that you can follow their route, yet this should never pose an obstacle; simply stop whenever necessary for photos or rest stops before continuing when ready.

Sat nav can be an invaluable ally when riding long distances for the first time. If you are unfamiliar with long-distance cycling, practice first close to home before gradually increasing its length. Stay hydrated, eat healthily and cover your bike overnight so as to enjoy an enjoyable journey.

Your tour offers you a selection of activities, including bungee jumping and jet boat rides; additionally you’ll have the opportunity to see Burt Munro’s original Indian from The World’s Fastest Indian. Additionally, Fox Glacier or Franz Josef Glacier awaits, where you can take a scenic helicopter flight for an up close view.

3. You will have a pre-defined itinerary

Guided tours offer many advantages over independent travel; one being pre-planned so you won’t need to worry about routes or locations as the tour company will handle this for you. Furthermore, their staff know all of the best spots in New Zealand – as well as having experience making sure that their guests have an excellent trip!

On a tour such as KeaRider Paradise’s Paradise motorcycle tour of New Zealand, you will have an incredible adventure. Not only will this tour show both main islands as well as Stewart Island but you will learn about Maori culture while experiencing natural phenomena such as geysers of Rotorua or riding beside glacial lakes for photos with Mount Cook at its center.

Guided motorcycle adventures have many advantages, one being their small group tours, which allow participants to meet great friends and create lasting memories with them. You’ll also have ample opportunity to interact with tour guide(s). Furthermore, first day tours tend to be slower paced allowing time for getting used to riding with people you may never have met before!

4. You will be safe

New Zealand offers breathtaking scenery and uncrowded roads that are the ultimate playground for motorcyclists. Add pubs, vintage bikes and cars (such as Burt Monro’s “World’s Fastest Indian”), jet boat rides and approachable natives who speak English, and you have an experience that should top your bucket list as soon as you decide to twist a throttle!

Odyssey Traveller is a reputable tour operator that can arrange your motorcycle adventure from start to finish, including accommodation, rental of a bike with GPS mapping capabilities, helmet and riding gear – and even arranges for a courtesy vehicle to transport both luggage and spare bike so that all you need to worry about is having fun on the ride.

Your adventure starts in Auckland with an airport transfer and motorcycle handover, then spend the day exploring this vibrant city – visiting iconic structures such as SKYCITY (New Zealand’s iconic 328 metre Sky Tower).

Next stop will be Tongariro National Park – New Zealand’s oldest National Park and dual World Heritage Area. Home to two active volcanoes (Ngauruhohe and Tongariro), this mountainous park also served as Mordor in Lord of the Rings trilogy films. From here you’ll travel onward to Greytown – one of New Zealand’s premier wine growing regions.

Your journey continues towards Nelson – the sunny capital of South Island. Your route will pass through breathtaking Buller Gorge Road before crossing over onto the west coast with breathtaking mountain vistas from every sweeping corner.