Senior-Friendly Motorcycle Tours in New Zealand

MoaTrek has been showing visitors around stunning New Zealand since 1971, emerging from backpacker trips as a premier tour operator. Their 21 day Kakapo Tour features both popular attractions as well as lesser known corners that few other tours are likely to visit.

Search for a Qualmark accredited bike tour company with years of experience and an excellent track record, that owns its own bikes rather than outsourcing marketing firms for tour sales.

Arrive in Auckland

New Zealand may be known for attracting thrill-seeking backpackers and young thrill-seekers, but its beautiful landscapes and iconic attractions also appeal to senior travellers. Thanks to a welcoming culture and breathtaking natural splendour, its pristine majesty welcomes people of every age group for exploration of spectacular landscapes and iconic attractions.

Spend your day exploring New Zealand’s adventure capital on an exhilarating jet boat ride or relaxing lake cruise before returning to your accommodation for the evening. Afternoons can be used to organize photos and record memorable moments from your tour so far.

Day 1

New Zealand provides senior travelers with many activities. Its stunning nature is combined with exciting cultural discoveries and luxurious wineries for an experience unlike any other.

Dependent upon your itinerary, your day may include relaxing under the sun, joining an adventurous activity or even doing laundry! Your time might also be well-spent on important matters like organizing photos and writing down highlights of the tour thus far or sorting through them to do laundry!

Arrive in Auckland where your motorcycle awaits you at the airport and explore some of its highlights including SKYCITY.

Day 2

Once your day at SKYCITY casino and Sky Tower has come to a close, take a ride along one of Australia’s scenic highways for an enjoyable ride inland through picturesque lakes before arriving at your seaside accommodation for the evening.

Leave New Zealand’s largest city behind as you travel south along its picturesque roads, taking in incredible scenery as you slowly ascend to its mountainous centre. Visit 90 Mile Beach and cruise through old growth forests before boarding an interisland ferry across a deep-water harbor.

Day 3

Be tempted by Dunedin and explore Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the world). Or take an enjoyable jet boat or gondola ride for some much needed relaxation!

Enjoy a safety meeting and “get to know you” dinner before relaxing while your trip planner takes care of the details of your tour.

Your journey will take you past black sand beaches on the west coast and a dormant volcano used in numerous Lord of the Rings movies, eventually stopping for the night in an 18th-century pub.

Day 4

New Zealand is motorcycle paradise, and one of its must-ride spots is Catlins Coastal Road in Catlins National Park. Here resides John Britten who was responsible for breaking four world speed records with frameless bikes from this very road!

Leave Greytown behind and slowly ascend towards the mountainous central region of the island where you will encounter both gentle sweeping roads and rugged twisty corners. At Tongariro National Park – a dual World Heritage area – take an incredible scenic helicopter flight up to Franz Josef or Fox Glacier for spectacular views!

Day 5

Take time out of your journey to explore either Fox or Franz Josef Glaciers in New Zealand’s stunning Southern Alps (a dual World Heritage area). Take advantage of a scenic helicopter flight for maximum viewing pleasure!

Visit New Zealand’s fertile farmlands while riding through its geothermal volcanic center and along stunning coastal roads with lovely sweeping bends, old growth forests and rugged hill country terrain – with gentle sweeping corners mixed in with twisty back roads for an exciting and rewarding ride to your overnight stop.

Day 6

After receiving your bike, take in the sights of Auckland before setting out on your ride. Expect coastal roads with wide turns as well as rugged hill country with tight corners.

New Zealand offers incredible landscapes and experiences like no other motorcycle tour destination can. We will travel through places where early European settlers settled and created new lives; passing famous 90 mile beach and old growth forests along our journey.

Day 7

New Zealand boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. Enjoy an easy day ride through lush forests, misty mountains and inspiring coastal seascapes for an unforgettable ride experience.

Enjoy waterfalls and ride along beautiful, winding roads through dense wilderness – it will make for an amazing GoPro day trip.

MoaTrek has evolved beyond backpacker tours and now provides Seniors with one of the premier New Zealand motorcycle tour packages: their 21-day Kakapo Tour includes all of New Zealand’s highlights as well as unexpected gems.

Day 8

Your journey will take you along gorgeous sweeping farm roads and winding back roads, offering stunning scenery of waterfalls, wild bush and misty mountains.

Spend an unforgettable day in New Zealand’s adventure capital – whether that means jet boating, relaxing on a lake cruise, watching the sun set over the horizon or just walking to watch. When finished for the day, simply ride back home for more riding adventures and memories to be made.

Day 9

New Zealand roads are an ideal paradise for motorcyclists. Lightly traveled and packed with swift curves, these winding routes boast breathtaking coastal seascapes, rugged hills and fertile farm land that are all available at their own leisure.

Today will take you on a short ride to the spot where a treaty was signed between Europeans and Maoris, then enjoy your day by visiting either geothermal hot pools or just getting back into work and laundry tasks.

MoaTrek has been showing visitors beautiful New Zealand since 1971, growing from backpacker tours into one of the premier tours for senior travellers. Their 21-day Kakapo tour explores both North and South Islands with both highlights and hidden gems along the way.